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The consortium brings together six partners form six countries across Europe; the UK, Croatia, Cyprus, Spain, Romania, and Italy.

The project is being led by Whole Life Consultants Limited in the UK. WLC Ltd are taking the lead on this project as the key knowledge associated with the project originates from them and they are therefore best placed to lead the transfer. WLC Ltd will function primarily on a transfer of innovation function and carry out the project management and the evaluation and monitoring activities.

The five importers of innovation are a combination of universities, training organisations and private companies who have a strong interest in developing vocational skills in their own countries for managing sustainable construction. The work packages have been distributed with each partner leading at least one package; this will ensure effective cooperation and a valuable sharing of the work-load.


Whole Life Consultants Ltd (WLC Ltd) is a spin out company of the University of Dundee, founded in 2004 to bridge the gap between academia and industry and to transfer research outcomes to professionals and practices. WLC Ltd are the coordinators of this project. (For more Visit


The PPP Centar is the leading organisation for delivering consultancy services for preparing planning, and realising projects by Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Croatia and the Region. PPP Centar is educating the Public bodies in Croatia and Serbia, and those who manage the construction and operation of PPP projects. (For more Visit


Frederick University (FU) is a leading institution of the highest education sector in Cyprus. Key aims of FU are to advance scientific research in Cyprus, support students in the completion of their degree projects and develop close contacts with the industry. (For more Visit


Cultural Centre and Educational Intervention DOCTUM is a private, non-profit organization that seeks to protect, conserve, restore, manage, promote and enhance the culture and tangible and intangible heritage of peoples, through research and training. (For more Visit


The Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning seeks to improve and develop the teaching/learning methods and contexts, in order to enhance the quality of the learning process; and allow every citizen easy access to quality lifelong education. (For more Visit


FORSAS is a company involved in 1) professional training through the provision of formative services, needs analysis and the management of training projects for SMEs, 2) supporting the management, internationalisation and enhancement of public relations for enterprises, and 3) in providing support to public and private institutions for the participation to local, national and European projects. (For more Visit


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