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Kick-off meeting

The official kick-off for the project was held on November 22, 2012 in the Steeple Center in Dundee, Scotland.

The meeting was attended by the following representatives of the project partner organizations:

Whole Life Consultants Ltd

  • Dr Malcolm Horner
  • Dr Mohamed El-Haram
  • Dr Doug Forbes
  • Ms Lyndsay Kenny

PPP Centar d.o.o.

  • Dr Tereza Marenjak
  • Dr Sasa Marenjak

Frederick University

  • Dr Christos Anastasiou


  • Ms Laura Lopez

Societatea Romanapentru Educatie Permanenta

  • Ms Raluca Icleanu

FOR SAS di Paolo Tubino & C.

  • Mr Daniele Garulla

After formal introductions were made, the meeting focused on the following items (to see the Meeting Agenda, click here)

  • Finalization of paperwork relating to the Contracts and Consortium Agreements
  • A Project overview that reminder everyone of our objectives and plan of action
  • Immediate issues relating to Branding for the project and Dissemination activities
  • Common practices for uniformity in Record keeping were discussed and specific project forms were introduced
  • Subsequent teleconferences and face-to-face meetings were agreed upon, including the Train-the-Trainer meetings.

Despite the fact that the team was greeted by the wonderful Scottish weather that is normally witnessed in November, the meeting and social activities were most beneficial in building the strong personal relations needed for the success of any such project.

A working lunch was much reinforced by a social dinner in a private room at the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa organized by the hosts of the meeting.

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