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Sustainability has been growing in importance and volume of materials over the last two decades. However, the focus of the materials has tended to be towards two things. Firstly, there has been a focus on the environmental aspects of sustainability (e.g. BREEAM, LEED). This focus has been to the detriment of the other two dimensions – the social and the economic. Secondly, there has been a focus on the creation of materials relating to the technological advances in sustainability.

Dealing with sustainability as purely an environmental problem can be quite limiting. This project seeks to offer a whole life, holistic view of sustainability. In addition, the project will develop materials for the first time which deal with the management of sustainable construction projects. Trainees will be provided with the skills that will enable them to deliver sustainable construction projects.

The Pedagogical Approach

The approach used in this project will be initially to train trainers to be able to deliver ongoing training within their native countries. This will be followed up by ongoing dialogue between trainees and trainers on an online discussion forum. Monitoring of comments and contribution to the dialogue will be undertaken by the exporter of the innovation.

Materials will be tested in a range of ways. During the train the trainer sessions there will be the opportunity for the trainers to run mock teaching sessions for harmonizing the approach and for checking quality and suitability. The material will be delivered to a pilot cohort of trainees in each country.

Delivery Method

Training will be provided in a blended approach which includes classroom teaching (short training courses and workshops), distance learning and an online forum for debate and discussion. The approach used in this project will be initially to train trainers in the importing countries to be able to deliver on -going training within their native countries. This will be followed up by on-going dialogue between trainees and trainers on the online discussion forum.

Languages of Instruction: English, Croatian, Greek, Spanish, Romanian, and Italian

Training Modules

1. Sustainable development and construction
Introduction to the principles of sustainability and the construction industry challenges. Drivers, initiatives, policies and impacts of sustainable construction, as well as environmental, social and economic benefits. The role of the construction industry in helping meet the EU Sustainable Development targets

2. Integrated sustainability assessment
Introduction to whole life thinking . Sustainability assessment management protocol throughout the life cycle. Sustainable construction indicators. Introduction to sustainability methods and tools (e.g. LCA, EIA, WLC, BREEAM). Stakeholder values and engagements. Introduction to EU- CEN/TC 350 “sustainability of construction works”

3. Sustainable procurement
Introduction to the procurement process. Drivers for change. The role of procurement in sustainable construction outcome. Embedding sustainability performance/targets into the procurement process. Achieving value for money through sustainable procurement. Impact of sustainable procurement on construction supply chain. EU initiatives of sustainable procurement.




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